The world seems better sometimes with harmony and exquisite. But we also do aware of drastic incidents overall affecting our children’s at school. One parent teacher meeting in a year is far like’s fragile feathery information to parents. Parents have to really need to admit the behavior changes differing at home and at school. Even though the truth remains silent Proxyguard pulls every information like attendance, Diary and circulars to parents with an alarm notification. The user friendly application allows parents to respond to their wards class teachers which are much easier than the renowned mobile application in the market. Proxyguard application is the finest choice for your children & Students to track their performance, capability, attendance, location, time table and much more.

Proxyguard - The Story

It’s been around five years, 2010, Mohamed a youngster from Kerala, India went to Dubai in search of a job. After a few days of wandering he was recruited in a company as Chief Designer. Life was good and happy. On his journey an incident happened, which shattered him completely.It was the news about the demise of a 4 year old girl, who accidently slept during her way to school in Qatar. After picking the girl from her pick up point, the bus reached school and everyone except the girl went to their classes. She was still sleeping in the bus. The staff in charge, without noticing her, locked the bus and went out. 4 hours later she was found dead due to high temperature and lack of enough oxygen.

This incident made Mohamed think about a solution for the safety of the children. “If there is a will, there is a way” the quote came true in his life also. An idea strike his mind; he left the job, went back home with a fire in mind – his new idea – The Proxyguard.He shared this idea with his friends Sruthy Pradeep and Naveen Narayanan. They were impressed and decided to make this idea fruitful.They initiated MAK Media Technology for developing the project. With further discussion within themselves they realised it would be more effective if they develop a mobile application with features to ensure safety for students and named it as Proxyguard.

Initially they included school bus tracking, check in and check out system. On further research on the same for long 2 years in various schools of India and UAE, they decided to include other features in the app. In the mean while, in 2014, another 4 year old girl was also found dead in a similar manner in UAE. This news made them to take an oath that no more child would die in a similar manner; so they are working passionately to implement Proxyguard in all possible schools. Presently Proxyguard is designed in such a way to assure the safety as well as to evaluate the academic performance of students, so that parents/ guardian can be free from worries about their ward.

Proxyguard is a 4 Module application namely Parent, Teacher, Admin and Driver. This helps each person to access required information regarding the ward whenever necessary. Proxyguard Monitoring System has also been developed as the part of the product to monitor all school buses and its students. The efforts laid by a 16 member team including Mohamed, Sruthy, Naveen, Vyshak, Satheesh, Saneesh, Sujai, Hilton, Atlanta, Ahana, Arun, Sumesh & Deepu is behind the completed product. Future update of the product is to develop a student module and to provide stimulated academic materials to students. The company is also planning to implement several study tools for students in the future updates of the product. The implementation of the product is in progress for several schools in Kerala and UAE.